What is Con­struct Ar­cade?

Con­struct Ar­cade (CA) is an im­mer­sive web games por­tal, a place where de­vel­op­ers can pub­lish their games to a com­mu­ni­ty of gamers.

Through the pow­er of the We­bXR De­vice API, im­mer­sive web games can be played on al­most any VR plat­form with­out the need of in­stalling them, sav­ing valu­able de­vice stor­age space.

The plat­form will as­sist de­vel­op­ers with bring­ing their games on­to the plat­form and earn­ing recog­ni­tion through com­mu­ni­ty in­ter­ac­tion. For the far fu­ture, there al­so are plans to help de­vel­op­ers mon­e­tize their con­tent on CA. To make de­vel­op­er’s lives eas­i­er, we plan to pub­lish tu­to­ri­als around im­mer­sive web games de­vel­op­ment and APIs to con­nect the games to the CA’s up­com­ing ser­vices (such as leader­baords, cloud save or ac­cess to user­names and pro­file pic­tures).

In ad­di­tion to cre­at­ing the plat­form, Vhite Rab­bit are al­so work­ing on their own VR games for the web.

If you have any ques­tions, shoot us an email.

Who’s Be­hind Con­struct Ar­cade?

Based in Kon­stanz, Ger­many, the core team be­hind Con­struct Ar­cade con­sist of two de­vel­op­ers from Vhite Rab­bit: Jonathan Hale and Flo­ri­an Isik­ci. They are hard at work to be in the front­lines of the new We­b­VR/We­bXR/im­mer­sive web in­dus­try with CA and thrive to cre­ate a place for ev­ery VR gamer.

Please for­ward any press in­quiries to our press email.

Brand As­sets

The “Au­tomat” lo­go in its ver­ti­cal, icon, ver­ti­cal sten­cil, icon sten­cil and hor­i­zon­tal vari­a­tions, orig­i­nal­ly de­signed by Falk Rid­der:

“Au­tomat” hor­i­zon­tal
“Au­tomat” ver­ti­cal
“Au­tomat” ver­ti­cal sten­cil
“Au­tomat” icon
“Au­tomat” icon sten­cil