VR Toyroom

You wake up in some kid’s bed­room, aparaent­ly you are a child with su­per-hu­man abil­i­ties. Can you find the key to the door to es­cape? (Hint: you can’t, the game is not quite com­plete).


Tap on the floor to tele­port. Tap and hold on an ob­ject to pick­up and drag. Dou­ble tap…


This game is Vhite Rab­bit’s sec­ond ev­er project. Orig­i­nal­ly de­vel­oped for the Ocu­lus Rift DK1/2 in 2015, but nev­er made it out as de­vel­op­ment was slow and was of­ten stalled by de­vel­op­ment on the in­house “Won­der­land En­gine”.

Since then the en­gine was port­ed to web, as it’s based on Mag­num, an open source C++ frame­work that sup­ports com­pil­ing to javascript and We­bAssem­bly via Em­scripten, with physics pow­ered by Bul­let Physics, al­so com­piled via Em­scripten. Many thanks to Vladimír Von­druš, the main­tain­er of Mag­num, for his sheer end­less pa­tience with ques­tions and sup­port, with­out him the port would not have been pos­si­ble.

Most of the en­gine de­vel­op­ment was done by Jonathan Hale, while game code was done by To­bias Stein and An­drea Capo­bian­co. Mod­el­ing was the work of a pro­gram­mer, again To­bias, whom we can thank for be­ing able to even start think­ing about putting this on the Web.

Tex­tur­ing was done by Falk Rid­der and light bak­ing was cir­cum­stan­tial­ly done by Jonathan us­ing a suite of cus­tom Blender plug­ins.


Vhite Rabbit



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