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Mills, al­so known as Nine men’s mor­ris is a very old and tra­di­tion­al strat­e­gy game. Al­though this game was be­ing played in the Ro­man Em­pire, some sim­i­lar boards have been found in an egyp­tian tem­ple dat­ing back to 1400 BCE.


Each time you align 3 of your men, you can re­move one of your op­po­nent’s men from the game.

There are two phas­es in the game:

  • plac­ing men: at each turn you put one men on an avail­able po­si­tion (=all in­ter­sec­tions and cor­ners)
  • mov­ing men: this phase starts when all the men are on the board. At your turn move one men from its po­si­tion to an ad­ja­cent avail­able po­si­tion.

In or­der to win the game, you have to leave your op­po­nent with less than 3 men or with­out any pos­si­bil­i­ty to play his turn.


In­vent­ed by un­known peo­ple in an­cient times.

Jocly implementation

De­vel­op­ment: Michel Gutier­rez (@_mig_)

Graph­ic de­sign: Jérôme Choain (@jcfrog)





Supported input

tap, 3-dof, 6-dof