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Try to find the res­i­dents of Creepville by gaz­ing at them in this short VR ex­pe­ri­ence.


Look around!


Jorge Fuentes – Web­site, Twit­ter, In­sta­gram

Julio Igle­sias – Web­site, Twit­ter, Sketch­fab

Cre­at­ed in A-Frame us­ing Blender for mod­el­ing and an­i­ma­tion. Most of halloVReen’s vi­su­als and sounds use cre­ative com­mons as­sets from Sketch­fab and Freesound. Many thanks to each and all of you for shar­ing your work, it’d have been im­pos­si­ble to build this from scratch in such a short time:

C. An­ton, Ikreg­u­la, jakekiefer­wadding­ton, Yuli­ia Tsukano­va, Ham­ster­spit, Cate, Flare­me­dia, Dvnc.tech, Az­era, vi­john­syu, Mar­si­lainen, scrib­ble­toad, Mitch.har­vey, VitSh, ulquior­raad, Nat­ty23, NikoMyth, In­spec­torJ, Pross­er, Na­turesTem­per, Har­ris85, Adam_N, Ceox, RT­B45, bigjoe­drum­mer, Kevin MacLeod.

Source Code

You can find the source code on GitHub.


Jorge Fuentes

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