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Open Beta! Be aware that technical problems might occur!


Ca­denza!! is a free to play rhythm game in­spired by the likes of Deemo and Chunithm.


Use the mal­lets to strike the key­board keys to the beat of the mu­sic. The bot­tom half of the key­board is bouncy; the top half is not.

Hit Notes

Wait for the note to over­lap with the white line and then strike any key covered by the note to gain points. The more ac­cur­ately you hit the notes, the more points you gain.

Slide Notes

Slide notes do not need to be hit ac­cur­ately. As long as the key is act­ive when the slide note is near the white line, you will re­ceive full points.

Hold Notes

Hit the top half of the key when the front edge over­laps with the white line. Hold the key down and re­lease it when the back edge over­laps with the white line.


To ad­just the Mal­let use the trig­ger, to pause the game press A/X on Oculus devices or the track­pad but­ton on HTC Vive and Win­dows Mixed Real­ity.

You can also play the game us­ing your key­board: press P for pause and the keys ASD­FGHJK to hit the notes.


This game was de­veloped in A-Frame and Three.js.


Oliv­er Fei


Oliver Fei


#music, #rhythm

Supported input

6-dof, hand