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Barista Express

Vir­tu­al­ly be a barista in your very own café! This game is meant to be a step for­ward in the com­plex­i­ty of VR brows­er games.


This game was de­vel­oped in A-Frame and Three.js. Op­ti­miza­tion was done us­ing gltf-pipe­line.


Flo­ri­an Isik­ci:

  • de­vel­op­ment
  • de­sign
  • mod­el­ling
  • an­i­ma­tion
  • sounds

Jonathan Hale:

  • sound ef­fects
  • in­ter­ac­tion sys­tem de­vel­op­ment
  • op­ti­miza­tion

Falk Rid­der:

  • con­cept art
  • lo­go de­sign
  • char­ac­ter art

Markus Gem­bacz­ka:

  • mu­sic


Vhite Rabbit

Supported input

tap, 3-dof, 6-dof