Vhite Rabbit

Vhite Rab­bit is a team of eight Ger­man de­vel­op­ers—part­ly hob­by­ist, part­ly pro­fes­sion­al—who spe­cial­ize in vir­tu­al re­al­i­ty de­vel­op­ment.

In­spired by the Ocu­lus Rift Kick­starter in 2013, the first mem­bers gath­ered to build for the up­com­ing medi­um and evolved with it.

As the de­vel­op­ers be­hind Con­struct Ar­cade, they try to con­stant­ly ex­per­i­ment with new frame­works, tech­nolo­gies and vir­tu­al re­al­i­ty spe­cif­ic game me­chan­ics.


Barista Express Vhite Rabbit

Vir­tu­al­ly be a barista in your very own café!

Wackarmadiddle Vhite Rabbit

Wack-A-Mole with Ar­madil­los wear­ing X-Mas hats.

Maze Challenge Vhite Rabbit

A dif­fi­cult game in which you try to nav­i­gate a ball through a maze.

Barrels! Vhite Rabbit

De­fend your cas­tle from a bar­rage of bar­rels, ba-rolling to­wards you!

QUAK Vhite Rabbit

QUAKE and Duck Hunt mashup

VR Toyroom Vhite Rabbit

You wake up in some kid’s bed­room, ap­pa­raent­ly you are a child with su­per-hu­man abil­i­ties.