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Tal Kol, co-founder and di­rec­tor of Orbs– Tal co-found­ed Ap­pix­ia, a mo­bile app start­up ac­quired by Wix.com, and was Wix.com Head of Mo­bile En­gi­neer­ing.

He is an ex­pert in blockchain con­sumer ap­pli­ca­tions, as Head of En­gi­neer­ing in Kin by Kik In­ter­ac­tive. Tal is an open source en­thu­si­ast, con­trib­u­tor to the Re­act ecosys­tem and con­fer­ence speak­er. He holds BSc sum­ma cum laude in Com­put­er En­gi­neer­ing from the Tech­nion and is a vet­er­an of an elite sec­tion of the IDF 8200 unit. Tal has spo­ken at NOAH con­fer­ence and Re­act for ex­am­ple.


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