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Ruben van der Leun

Ruben van der Leun is a freel­ance full-stack & WebXR De­veloper, work­ing un­der the com­pany name ‘Leunix’. Next to work­ing on pro­jects for vari­ous cli­ents, he of­ten finds him­self work­ing on sev­er­al per­son­al pro­jects, while work­ing with ad­vanced Web tech­no­logy, in­clud­ing WebXR, WebRTC and Web Bluetooth.

One of his biggest pet pro­jects is On/Office, a web-powered ap­plic­a­tion that lets you share your desktop in a vir­tu­al en­vir­on­ment to let you work in an isol­ated en­vir­on­ment.


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