To get your game on Con­struct Ar­cade, we need to en­sure a cou­ple of things to keep vis­its to the plat­form a con­sis­tent ex­pe­ri­ence:



De­pend­ing on the in­put types you sup­port, make sure the game runs on all browsers that sup­port those. In­clud­ing Su­per­me­di­um.

If you use an ex­ist­ing frame­work, We­bXR in its na­ture should usu­al­ly al­ready guar­an­tee it does.


Your game has to be a game. Con­struct “Ar­cade” is made for games and we’re strict about that.

This es­pe­cial­ly means that it needs to be in­ter­ac­tive, en­vi­ron­ments or 360° videos ob­vi­ous­ly don’t count.


We want to en­sure a cer­tain fi­deli­ty. Don’t wor­ry, your game doesn’t need to be a AAA ti­tle in terms of au­dio or vi­su­als.

More im­por­tant is the VR-ness of your game and how you treat the play­er.

In any case, we will try to help. So if you are in­ter­est­ed and usure whether your game ful­fills the above cri­te­ria, try any­way, we will tell you what we would need for it to be ac­cept­ed.


If you want to have your game ac­co­mo­dat­ed at Con­struct Ar­cade, start by send­ing us an email or ask a ques­tion in the Con­struct Ar­cade Fo­rums. We don’t bite and be­lieve that we are gen­er­al­ly nice peo­ple 😉

Contact Us

Send us an email with ei­ther a link where we can try it, or a down­load link (to a zip of the game).

We will re­spond as fast as we can with feed­back and po­ten­tial sug­ges­tions on how to match the Cri­te­ria.


Once your game does match the cri­te­ria, we will ask you for

  • a zipped ver­sion of your game
  • a (short) de­scrip­tion
  • and a head­er im­age/lo­go


We will run some tests on the game to check that

  • it doesn’t break any (e.g. copy­right) laws
  • it runs in all re­quired browsers.


Fi­nal­ly your game will be list­ed with the oth­er games and pro­mot­ed in the next blog posts and news­let­ters.