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Construct Arcade SDK (CASDK)

Eas­i­ly add Con­struct Ar­cade lead­er­boards to your game.

If you have any ques­tions about this page, get help on the Dis­cord serv­er.


Leader­boards are a great way to en­cour­age play­ers to re­play and im­prove their scores. We make it very easy to em­bed your own leader­boards.

Lead­er­boards ID

Make sure you re­quest­ed a leader­boards id on the Dis­cord serv­er.

A-Frame Com­po­nent

To add leader­boards to an A-Frame game, make sure you have a leader­board id.


lead­er­board com­po­nent (right-click > “Save As…”).

You can add a leader­board eas­i­ly to your scene with the fol­low­ing snip­pet:

<!-- in the head -->
<script src="<path-to-the-leaderboard-component.js>"></script>

<!-- in the a-scene -->
   ca-leaderboard="leaderboardId: <your-id>; title: 'Leaderboard'; debug: true">

Be­fore re­leas­ing your game, re­move the debug: true flag, which fills the leader­board with dum­my da­ta for lo­cal de­vel­op­ment.


Con­struct Ar­cade Leader­board servers may on­ly be ac­cessed from the con­structar­ca.de do­main.